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Spotlight! Student Profile

Mills College Weekly

Angela “Shcricken” Lunardi

Class: Junior

Major: History (American emphasis)

Politcal Agenda: Anti-Bush

Favorite Author: Hilter – Mein Kampf

Favorite Quote: “I’m going slightly mad.”

Most Embarassing Moment: When my girlfriend’s mother tackled me and stole my shoes.

Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins is incredible and he only blinks once in the whole movie.

Theme Song: Fires of Wisdom – Edward Faber Schneider. “Mills Handbook.”

Change at Mills: The school’s financial priorities. And I’d like to make the pretty fountains work.

Hobbies: Cheyenne, beer, basketball, doin’ the shcrix dance, dating shows, CNN, obsessing over the Cold War.