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Social justice resource center welcomes new assistant director

Del Cido (above) is increasing foot traffic at the SJRC. (Courtesy of Alfredo Del Cido)
Del Cid (above) is increasing foot traffic at the SJRC. (Courtesy of Alfredo Del Cid)

Known for his impressive background in Social Justice advocacy and education, Alfredo Del Cid joins Mills as its new Assistant Director of the Social Justice Resource Center.

Del Cid previously served as UC Davis’s Training and Administration Coordinator for Associate Students and Assistant Director for the LGBTQIA resources Center, prior. At Mills, he hopes to bring his passion for intersectionality to the Social Justice Resource Center.

“The key components that really drew me to this position was that it aligned with one of my values which is working through an intersectional lense,” Del Cid said.

Sabrina Kwist, Director of Engagement and Inclusion Division of Student Life, appreciates how Del Cid brings a true and authentic commitment to Social Justice.

She believes that Del Cid’s knowledge and experience will help facilitating conversations on campus with both grace and empathy.

“This isn’t just his job,” Kwist said. “It is his personal commitment to Social Justice that impressed me.”

Kwist is excited to work with her new assistant director in designing new programs in creative ways that brings the entire Mills community together.

Born in San Francisco, California Del Cid grew up in Guatemala until he came back to the United States for college. He earned his undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara in Sociology and LGBTQ* studies. Currently Del Cid is attending graduate school at University of Southern California for a Masters of Education. He is optimistic about his position as Assistant Director being mutually beneficial to his graduate work—taking real life issues from here at Mills and applying it to his studying in education, and vise verse.

Del Cid was initially attracted to Mills for its rich history, especially that it was established the same year the city of Oakland was founded. After working in big collegiate institutions, Del Cid loves the small community Mills has to offer.

“I love that aspect of Mills where it is small enough for people in their departments to get to know each other and build personal relationships” Del Cid said.

So far, Del Cid is working with the Summer Academic Workshop programs for his portfolio. In the future, he hopes expanding the resource center’s efforts in creating an inclusionary space for undocumented and AB-540 students, undocumented students who pay in-state college tuition only if they have attended high school for three or more years and have a high school diploma. Del Cid also plans to expand the center’s work done in LGBTQIA issues by creating programs and learning spaces.

On his first day as Assistant Director, Del Cid presented to 42 Division of Student Life Ambassadors (DSLA) on LGBQTIA Month, thinking of the importance of narratives and stories, and the intersectionality.

Residential Assistant Irena Huang, who attended the presentation, was impressed with Del Cid’s knowledge in LGBQTIA issues.

“We are moving into a more historical women’s college now because we are starting to accept students of different sexualities and genders,” Huang said. “[Del Cid] will be beneficial to help us be a more inclusive campus.”

During the two weeks that Del Cid has been here, Kwist has noticed an increase in foot traffic in the Resource Center’s hallway from students coming to welcome their new Assistant Director to Mills.

“I am ecstatic that he has joined Mills,” Kwist said. “He as made CIE a complete family.”