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Soapbox: What would your ideal student center look like?

“I would say move the writing center to the student center; I would expect a more convenient location would make it accessible to everyone.”

Louise Leck, junior

“We definitely need study spaces on campus that are open later, somewhere you can study after midnight that’s not your room. It’s hard to study in your room and after midnight is when I really get going. So a study space with comfortable couches and tables. Comfy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Replacing the Tea Shop would be good; the teashop is f-ing expensive. That would be essential.”

Andrea Carter, junior

“I think having something like Founders would be helpful so you can use meals. Also a space to hang out and study because it’s hard to do that in the library. It has to be accessible to everyone.”

Allison Morris, junior

“ATMs for other banks! Or a Wii. That would be fun. But definitely the dining area in a more accessible area so I don’t have to work to get there (from Mary Morse)”

Lauren Overmier, junior

“More food options. If you go to the cafeteria of other colleges there are so many different options for food. Also I know the commuter lounge is used a lot as a hanging out space. We need a rec room so their space is not invaded. Also a bigger dance area for the Student Union.”

Daisy Medina, junior