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Soapbox: Obama’s promise to repeal DADT

In Obama’s most recent State of the Union address he promised to repeal the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. How do you this this will actually effect LGBTQ people in the military?

Personally I think the people who are currently in the army – well they take DADT as protocol. I think some gays will be prosecuted because a lot of people in the military are homophobic so I think there will still be hazing. At Gay Pride last summer there was a group of West Point grads called Knights Out. I think it would be a good thing to, but I think there will still be a lot of hatred and animosity towards gays in the military.

-Isis Blanchette, junior

I actually thought a lot about this because I almost joined the Marines. I believe that Obama and Congress more specifically will actually repeal DADT – there already is some legislation in the works. There are thousands of gays and lesbians who serve openly in the military, but I think it will reduce the number of instances of (violence towards gays).

If they can serve legally in generally it will be more okay. I don’t think it’ll be an overnight shift though.

– Angela Kramer M.Ed.

The policy has been in place for a long time, so I think there will be some discrimination. A few weeks ago we went and watched this thing called Moth, where all these different storytellers performed. The theme was disobedience…There was this guy who said he came out in the military but a lot of people could still relate to him and supported him. You have to change policy before you can change public opinion”

-Ariadne Nelson, sophomore

I like to think he (Obama) is at least going to try. I don’t think changing policy will change opinions but I like to remain optimistic.

-Jessica Reff, sophomore

They are still going to be oppressed. But this will open it up more – I think things will improve and Obama will protect gays and lesbians in the military

-Yum Miao

Well, Washington works in unusual ways, and if they’re able to attach it to the military spending bill there’s no way it won’t pass – everyone votes for military spending. But I think it’ll make more of a different to people who aren’t in the military to those who are. The military takes a long time to change.

Matthew Dintenfass, grad student

I thought I waited my whole life for Obama because, well when he says he wants to do something he means well but I don’t know if he can follow through. Our government is set up so that one person can’t affect a lot of change… I was in the military and it’s always been DADT, I don’t think you can legislate morality. I don’t think you can change attitudes – if anything it may cause more resentment. Wouldn’t it me nice if one man could make a perfect world? But right now I don’t have faith that that’s gonna happen?

Matthew Raffety, bookstore staff