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Single girls unite

Mills College Weekly

While some people are feeling the pressures of a relationship and meeting those expectations, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to hook up with your girlfriends and celebrate the single life.

What can be better than gathering a group of intelligent, creative Mills women to redefine the Hallmark holiday, which historically was stolen from the goddess and re-appropriated by the patriarchy? The day’s options are endless.

If you want to have a laid back evening, you can cook together. Get a few women together and enjoy some delicious food over a good chick flick. Or you can go out for a movie but stay away from the love stories.

There’s no point in declaring love for the single life if you’re only going to sulk about being alone.

Mills women also have a history of throwing anti-Valentine’s Day parties to oppose all that the day stands for, but it may be more positive to spend the evening expressing love rather than resentment.

Share your favorite music with one another, dance together, or play board games.

The day is an excuse to show love one way or another, said junior Alysha Grevious. So share the day with your girls or just people you love.

For those of you who want to get extra saucy for the holiday, get yourself a copy of the SF Guardian’s Valentine’s day issue.

It is filled with a list of popular clubs and hangouts for singles.