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Shattered glass in Olin leaves officials puzzled

Mills College Weekly

A single window in the F.W. Olin Library mysteriously broke last Wednesday evening, startling students and leaving public safety and library personnel baffled.

The shattered east facing first floor window caused no injuries, and reportedly left no other damage.

“It doesn’t strike me as being an act of vandalism,” said Steven King, director of public safety. “The tempered glass window was still fully intact when our officer arrived with no noticeable points of impact.”

At approximately 9:55 p.m. junior Jane Cochran heard the loud crash as she was studying on the first floor of the library.

“It sounded like a tree limb had gone through the window,” Cochran said. “I jumped up, grabbed another student and we headed to the front of the library to alert staff.”

According to the campus safety report, library personnel Chris Svitavsky called public safety before going outside to investigate the damage. Svitavsky found the broken window along with Public Safety Supervisor Dennis Bernardo who took over the investigation.

“I took a walk outside, but could not find what had broken the window,” Bernardo said. “There were no broken tree limbs, no rocks, no shoes, and no visible items that would have caused the impact. I don’t suspect any foul play. It remains a mystery.”

“Public Safety responded right away and has taken care of it,” said Renee Jadushlever, assistant vice president for library and technology. “This is the first time in my 11 years where this has happened.”