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Sexpertise with Millie

As resident Sexpert at the Campanil, I have been called to bestow my knowledge upon you. I am here to show you — or should I say, tell you — how to have a fun, safe sex and positive healthy relationships with yourselves and others.

My name is Millie. I talk about sex a lot.  There is no subject too tame or too taboo for me. My team of Sextroverts, the goddess of love Aphrodite, and her number one admirer poetess and lady charmer Sappho, have my back. Sex is still a taboo subject for many women.

Mills women are sex positive. It means being comfortable in the bedroom, whether or alone with a partner. Be comfortable with the term sex denoting gender and how others choose to express that. Be confident. Being sex positive also means being aware of individual rights as a sexual human being. It also means never being forced to do anything uncomfortable. I am advocating safe, responsible sex and open discourse about it.

Many people see sex as something “icky” or “vulgar.”  I don’t blame you — gross body fluids, smells, moaning and intimacy — ew. Some people just aren’t ready for that kind of thing. Some people certainly are.

All relationships have depth and complexity. The one with yourself is the most complex of all. For those who love sex and want to tell the world all about it share it with me and I will share it with the world. I want to know how you do it, when you do it and where you do it.

All submissions are anonymous and protected.  Send me your questions, comments and concerns about love, life and health at Share with me your stories. I will share them with other Millsies, and together we will be united as confident, strong women.

Mills is full of great Resources like the Wellness and Community Outreach center. Now you can add me to that list.

Stay Sexy,