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Sexpertise with Millie: Where to find straight guys in a girl world

Hey Sexies,

‘Tis the season, my darlings, to heat things up with a hot and sexy straight guy. Don’t have one? I’ll tell you where to find some of the Bay Area’s finest.

You already have the advantage of being a confident Mills woman, but nothing makes those men come running like a classic girls’ night out. The confidence your girls give you brings to life something entirely different — your sexy side.

If you’re looking for a good time, try dancing the night away at a local bar or club. And why not? It’s an excuse to get dolled up with your girls and show off what you got!

The clubs are swarming with eager prospects just waiting to find out just who you are. In this case, body language is the only form of communication you’re going to need. Those sexy someones will have no choice but to come floating toward you with hearts in their eyes when they see what you have on. There’s no need to be shy because with a simple sway of your hips you have that man wrapped around your little finger.

In just a few short remixes of your favorite song, he’s going to reach into his pocket and hand you his cell phone, ready for you to punch in those digits.

If you don’t feel like traveling too far, we are luckily surrounded by neighboring colleges. Nothing is sexier than an educated mind. UC Berkeley, Holy Names University, and CSU East Bay — just to name a few — are always throwing parties. I’m not exaggerating, either. All you need is one person to let you know when and where.

My personal favorite event to meet men is Oakland Art Murmur. That is where Oakland’s finest come out to play. Art Murmur is like a big block party that happens every first Friday of the month in Downtown Oakland. The beauty of the Art Murmur is everyone is there for the street art and the food. It’s not as aggressive and wild as a night at a club, but it’s still swarming with straight guys looking around for a group of pretty little things like you.

In the spirit of the season, the Oakland Ice Center is the perfect place to meet someone on a more intimate level. It’s a lot kinder to those of you who are a bit more tender hearted. It’s a place for showing off your ice skating skills (or lack of) to the guys who just want to hold your hand and tell you how pretty you look in your scarf and mittens.

Always remember my darlings, breaking out of your shell is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself. There’s nothing sexier than an educated woman wearing her self confidence like a diamond ring.

Stay Sexy,