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Sexpertise with Millie: How do I have safe oral sex?

There’s nothing like an orgasm from safe oral sex. Safety is a necessity with any sexual act, even fellatio. In this case, pregnancy is not something you have to worry about — Sexually Transmitted Diseases are.

As delicious as it can be, third base can lead you down a dirty path. So while getting down and dirty, keep it clean and safe. Dental dams and condoms between you and your partner make for a lovely threesome.

Vaginal dental dams are small, square pieces of latex that cover your delicate little friend in just the right way. While dental dams can keep STDs away and even those sneaky little germs from your backdoor, they also welcome sensation.

To use a dental dam, all you have to do is take it out of the wrapper, and place it over your genitals — there’s no need to stretch it. Water-based lubricants help hold it in place and heighten sensitivity, but be careful, a dental dam can and will fall out of place if you let it.

They are made for one-time use only, so throw yours away after that epic, out of body moment. Keep in mind this is still more effective than plastic wrap or thin underwear. You should not use those in place of a dental dam.

Condoms are those latex gloves that come in handy when protecting yourself from STDs — 98% effective! Using one is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Unwrap the condom; 2. Squeeze the tip of it and roll it onto the penis; 3. Do your thing. Safe sex is exciting, so make sure you’re just as excited before you put it on. Most condoms are lined with lubricant that can intensify your partner’s satisfaction and prevents the dangers that satisfaction can bring.

For you Millsies the health center on campus offers pap smears and screenings for HIV and other STDs, regardless of your health care provider. Planned Parenthood also provides the same screenings and answers to those STD-related questions popping up in your head. This is one of those rare cases where ignorance is not bliss. Get tested, get treated if you need it, and keep doing your thing!

Now that you know how to be safe in your tasty endeavors, here are some tips on how to get to know your partner more intimately:

1. Respect is just as delicate as your little friend, so listen to your partner. Set those boundaries before you dive in.

2. There’s no rush, so relax.

3. Comfort is essential.

4. Know the facts.

Stay Sexy,