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Sexpertise with Millie: Best places for outdoor sex

Hey Sexies,

“What are the best places to have sex on campus”


Like lemonade on hot summer day, sex can be better experienced in the great outdoors. “Sex outside can awaken the senses,” According to Sex therapist Sandors Gordos, Ph.D. Feeling the breeze on your bare skin can be very erotic. The fear of getting caught can also be very invigorating while hooking up. You don’t necessarily have to have sex outside; sometimes it’s just nice to find a quiet place to kiss. Your home turf may be the best place to experiment but if you’re feeling frisky here’s a list of the best places to hook up on campus.

• Most common: the dorms

• NSB (rumor has it that someone did it there once)

• The soccer field (because it is far away from the public places)

• In the Campanil bell tower (if possible) at night

• In the shower

• One of the bathtubs in the bathroom

• Behind the tennis courts (also far away from the public places)

• In a tree with a branch (discretion is advised)

• On top of a building (any with a flat surface)

• The tunnel by the Children’s School (if cleaner)

• In the CPM bathroom

• The locker rooms in the Haas Pavilion

• Downstairs at Founders (in the extra room)

• The jacuzzi by the pool

• Backstage at Littlefield Concert Hall

• Sculpture studio

• The porches in the dorms

• In the forest by Lake Aliso and  Founders

Getting down and freaky out of your comfort zone can be an awesome way to show your lover your wild side. Never do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Make sure that to keep an eye out for people and security guards so you don’t get caught! Sex outside can be fun, but remember, the best sex is safe sex.