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September 2005 Public Safety Blotter

Mills Public Safety Activity Report September 2005

Daily activity reports represent calls to Public Safety received at the gatehouse and those forwarded by field staff for documentation. The information contained is not presented as factual, rather it is as reported. It allows the Mills community members to see the volume and general nature of activity in any given part of the campus.

Activity reports are taken straight from communication logs. Please keep in mind some crimes and activities must be screened due to restrictions and privacy rights of victims.


Calls are classified as they are received and dispatched. The description of the incident is documented by the gatehouse security staff at the time it is first reported to security and does not necessarily reflect the actual event. For example: A student reports a robbery and requests security come and take a report, but later the security staff finds out it is actually a burglary. This would be listed on the activity log as a robbery – as it was called in, even though it was actually a burglary.


Friday, Sept. 30, 2005

1215hrs. Lost and Found: Mills ID turned in.

1902hrs. Lockout: Student-lockout Ethel Moore.

1908hrs. Lost and Found: Keys turned in for lost and found.

0001hrs. Medical Assist: RA advises AMR called for Ethel Moore.

0040hrs. Lockout: Student Mary Morse


Thursday, Sept. 29, 2005

1108hrs. Vehicle Violation: Abandoned auto towed.

1213hrs. Vehicle Violation: Abandoned auto towed.

1747hrs. Lost and Found: Car keys turned in for lost and found.


Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005

0817hrs. Lockout: Art Studio

1220hrs. Lockout: Staff Kimball House

1310hrs. Alarm Response: Ethel Moore

1505hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Student reports a suspicious African American, Male, 5’10, wearing jeans, and dark head dress. Subject was seen walking in the area of Prospect Hill and Ethel Moore

2248hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center alarm.


Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005

0855hrs. Property Damage: Staff reports fence damage on MacArthur side of campus

1255hrs. Burglary: Staff reports break in at Education Center

1400hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm Northeast basement door at Warren Olney.

1600hrs. Lockout: Student-lockout Ege Hall.

1808hrs. Lockout: Resident-lockout Underwood Apts

2316hrs. Lost and Found: Student reports missing wallet.

0405hrs. Suspicous Person(s): 2 individuals spotted by patrol, Kimball House Seminary fence line. Subjects ran upon closer patrol by patrol unit.


Monday, Sept. 26, 2005

0606hrs. Maintenance Request: Student reports no hot water at Ethel Moore.

0922hrs. Lockout: Staff Kimball house.

1240hrs. Burglary: Oakland Police on-site for Education complex incident.

1400hrs. Alarm response: Door alarm sounding Warren Olney basement.


Sunday, Sept. 25, 2005

1036hrs. Harassment: Student complaint of harassment at Orchard Meadow.

1320hrs. Medical Assist: Student fell riding skateboard on bleachers.

1655hrs. Lockout: Student-lockout Ege hall.

0158hrs. Lockout: Door alarm sounding at Warren Olney NE door basement.


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005

1834hrs. Suspicious Person: WM with canine. Clear . Dog walker on-file. No incident.

1945hrs. Possible Break in at Education Complex: Oakland Police responded.

2105hrs. Maintenance Request: Fence damage MacArthur side of campus.

2135hrs. Theft: Individual reports item missing from dorm room at Orchard Meadow.


Friday, Sept. 23, 2005

0845hrs. Maintenance Request: Ethel Moore no hot water.

1040hrs. Disabled Auto: Staff reports auto has flat tire by Education Complex.

1658hrs. Fire alarm: Juveniles pulled fire pull station HAAS basement. No fire.

1704hrs. Maintenance Request: Ethel Moore water still not hot.

2120hrs. Suspicious Person: Report of suspicious person at CPM. No Description available.


Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005

0858hrs. Transportation: Van service, traffic running late.

1200hrs. Disabled Auto: Disabled auto towed off campus.


Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005

0950hrs. Burglary: Children’s School reports a break in. Oakland Police Department responded for incident report.

1709hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Prospect Hill.

1750hrs. Follow-up: Oakland Police Technician on-site for prints at Children’s School.

2044hrs. Maintenance Request: Student from Ege reports water overflowing in B-wing laundry room.


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005

1035hrs. Disabled auto: Rothwell Center.

1255hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm sounding at Northeast door.

1708hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble Signal Art Complex.

1740hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Warren Olney.

1818hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Ege Hall.

2009hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Mary Morse.

2015hrs. Lockout: Staff lockout Mills Hall.


Monday, Sept. 19, 2005

1448hrs. Transportation: Mills Van making detour, roads blocked by Sproul at UCB.

1715hrs. Medical Assist: Ambulance requested for student on soccer field.

1740hrs. Alarm Response: White Hall fire alarm sounding. Oakland Fire Department responded, no fire, pull station was pulled by unknown person.

2053hrs. Disabled Auto: Student reports disabled auto at the end of Post Rd.


Sunday, Sept. 18, 2005

1156hrs. Alarm Response: Staff set alarm off at Art Gallery.

1305hrs. Disabled Auto: Student reports disabled auto at Art Complex.

1346hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Orchard Meadow.

1438hrs. Transportation: Van running late to Rockridge.


Saturday, Sept. 17, 2005

1100hrs. Lost and Found: Contact student, wallet found by walker.


Friday, Sept. 16, 2005

0823hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Possible suspicious person Richards Lot.

0851hrs. Transportation: Van out for servicing.

1605hrs. Alarm Response: Fire alarm sounding at Carnegie. Oakland Fire dispatched.

1634hrs. Alarm Response: Oakland Fire off-campus. No fire.


Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005

1110hrs. Vehicle Code Violation: Vehicle blocking entrance.

1341hrs. Transportation: Van running behind schedule, traffic.

1743hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Mary Morse.

1757hrs. Maintenance Request: Mary Morse front door lock sticking.

1910hrs. Lost and Found: Student reports losing Jeep keys on campus.

2110hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Underwood.

2127hrs. Lock-up: RA requests perimeter door be secured at Warren Olney.

0008hrs. Maintenance Request: Ege Hall B-wing washroom flooded.

0030hrs. Lockout: Ege Hall.


Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2005

1950hrs. Lost and Found: Purse turned in.


Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005

0900hrs. Animal Code Violation: Dog off leash. Richards Lot parking area.

1004hrs. Lockout: Student-lockout Warren Olney

1905hrs. Lockout: Student Office Rothwell

2005hrs. 911 Response: DSL request AMR.

2025hrs. Theft: Student reports he bicycle is missing from CPM

2237hrs. 911 Response: 911 call from Cowell-OPD on-site for call


Monday, Sept. 12, 2005

1129hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm sounding at Ege Hall.

1520hrs. Alarm Response: Staff accidentally set off alarm at Art Gallery.

1700hrs. Maintenance Request: Door rechecked, work order submitted.

1903hrs. Lockout: Staff CPM

2002hrs. Maintenance Request: MBA student request assistance securing window. Work order submitted latch broken on window.

2003hrs. Trespass: Student driving into campus reports seeing a BM with a white shirt and dark pants jump over the Seminary /MacArthur fence by the Education Center. Field unit dispatched to investigate. Education Center, Wetmore, Kimball, Faculty Village area checked no visual or contact made with anyone fitting description in area.

2025hrs. Lost and Found: RA received keys.

2057hrs. Maintenance Request: RA reports toilets not functioning properly on 3rd floor. Field unit verified. Facilities contacted will service.

2107hrs. Maintenance Request: Broken sprinkler head Ming Q./Underwood road corner.

2207hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm sounding Warren Olney basement.

2348hrs. Maintenances Request: RA Ege hall request assistance key not working.


Sunday, Sept. 11, 2005

0843hrs. Lockout: Student lockout practice room Music.

1059hrs. Maintenance request: Student reports no electrical power in her room.

1410hrs. Alarm Response: Alarm monitoring station reports a door alarm sounding at Warren Olney.

1550hrs. Lost and Found: CDL found by Founders turned in.

1620hrs. Disabled Auto: Driver reports auto trouble in Richards Lot. Car won't start. Student will move auto in the morning.

2000hrs. Lockout: Student lost dorm keys for Mary Morse. Housing advised.

0009hrs. Lockout: Student locked out at Mary Morse.


Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005

0630hrs Alarm Response: Alarm monitoring reports door alarm sounding at Warren Olney. Area checked by staff and system reset.

1723hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Prospect Hill.


Friday, Sept. 09, 2005

0653hrs. Building Closure: HAAS closed until "all clear" received from facilities director.

0835hrs. Staff advised HAAS has been cleared to reopen for classes.

0907hrs. Transportation: Van driver advises running late due to traffic.

1214hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Staff member reports a suspicious male at Olin Library. Individual no official business on campus advised to leave campus.

1430hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Warren Olney

1757hrs. Alarm Response: Alarm monitoring company reports a trouble signal at Warren Olney. System checked all clear.

2005hrs. Lockout: Staff lockout Cowell


Thursday, Sept. 08, 2005

1425hrs. Maintenance Request: Student reports foul odor at HAAS. Facilities advised.

1729hrs. Lost and Found: Purse turned in.


Wednesday, Sept. 07, 2005

0835hrs. Animal Code Violation: Verbal warning to walker. Canine off leash.

1310hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Student reports a WF and WM washing cloths in Orchard Meadow. Not known if they are students.

1403hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Students report suspicious couple on campus. WM and WF. Individuals have been observed inside Orchard Meadow Hall. Individuals are known to approach students initiating conversations explicit in nature. Photos distributed to OSL staff.

1530hrs. Alarm Response: Student reports a door alarm sounding at Mary Morse Hall near laundry room. Alarm silenced and reset.

1545hrs. Lost and Found: Camera found by Mills van stop turned in.

1935hrs. Maintenance Request: Broken window at Founders Commons

2056hrs. Maintenance Request: R.A. reports unusual odor in Ethel Moore between rooms 127-129. Facilities staff checked area all clear.

0146hrs. Possible Theft: One Source staff reports pc missing from room. Already reported.

1503hrs. Transportation: Van driver reports van is full to capacity.

1810hrs. Alarm Response: Alarm monitoring reports door alarm C-Wing Ege Hall

1841hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Students reports suspicious BM on campus.

1900hrs. Maintenance/Housing Request: Toilet backed up at Grad. Studio. Facilities Responded.

0150hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Ege Hall


Tuesday, Sept. 06, 2005

1115hrs. Medical Assist: Student at Cowell building injured hand.


Monday, Sept. 05, 2005

0957hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall C-wing door alarm.

1050hrs. Maintenance Request: Water leak in ECIW B-wing.

1414hrs. Biohazard Pickup Request: Waste pickup request from restroom overflow.

1535hrs. Lost and Found: Camera turned in at gatehouse.

1550hrs. Lockout: Warren Olney resident new key not functioning properly.

1805hrs. Maintenance Request: Student requests exterminator service for ants at Larsen House.

2002hrs. Lost and Found: Cell phone turned in.

2139hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Ethel Moore dorm.


Sunday, Sept. 04, 2005

0645hrs. Maintenance Notice: Power will be off in the following buildings: HAAS, Music, Chapel, Stern.

1155hrs. Alarm Response: Staff set off alarm at Art Gallery.


Saturday, Sept. 03, 2005

0700hrs. Maintenance Notice: Contractor working on-site. Power will be off Cowell.

1251hrs. Maintenance Request: Broken window reported at Reinhardt Hall.

1640hrs. Medical Assist: Student request taxi voucher transport from Tang Center.


Friday, Sept. 02, 2005

1943hrs. Animal Code Violation: Verbal warning canine off leash at soccer field.

1210hrs. Medical Assist: Student request taxi voucher for hospital transport.


Thursday, Sept. 01, 2005

1623hrs. Lockout: Student, Rothwell Center

2005hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Individual reported suspicious juveniles near Underwood apartments.

2315hrs. Possible attempt break-in: Student reports her window screens may have been tampered with.


Public Safety requests the following information when filing a report:








Facial Hair

Hat (color/type)





Hair, Length, Color, Style



Which direction did the suspect go?

How did he/she leave? By foot, car, bike,etc?




Approximate Year

Physical characteristics about vehicle: dents, broken lights, no tags, etc.

Other occupants