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Senior class officer resigns from presidency

In the wake of the resignation of the senior class president, re-elections will be held on Wednesday and Thursday in front of the Tea Shop.

Candidates Paula Sanchez, and Alison Nowak, hope to complete the duties which were recently resigned by ex-president Marley Simmons-Abril.

Simmons-Abril “feels bad for bungling the first six weeks of the semester,” but has decided to resign so that she can focus on activism, rallies, and marches.

“I am really interested in the success of the senior class and I’m wishing Alison the best in the following elections,” said Simmons-Abril. “But I have to be honest with where I’m at right now and between my senior thesis and world events, I can’t to a good job.”

Sanchez, who ran for senior class president last semester, will take up the reigns once again and run against current vice president Nowak for the presidency.

“It’s really important right now that a new president be elected,” said Sanchez. “We’ve lost six weeks and we need to move ahead. We’ve lost our momentum.”

Sanchez, whose agenda includes seniors networking with alums and classmates, cooperative leadership, and celebrating Mills’ 150th anniversary wants seniors to feel they “have made something of themselves” after graduating as well as having resources available to them once they leave Mills.

According to director of student activities Liza Kuney, if current vice president Nowak wins this week’s re-election she can either appoint her own vice president or call for an election of the position. If Sanchez wins, Nowak will continue as Vice President. Kuney also described last week’s first senior class meeting, which dealt with the issues of re-election, as “a very active meeting.”

“What had the potential to be a volatile situation with people placing blame,” said Kuney, “instead focused on looking forward towards the best possible solution for the senior class as a whole.”