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Saluting cats in hats

Mike Myers. You don’t find him funny? Don’t see this movie. It
is dominated by Myers, his laugh and his many impressions, his
often corny wise-cracks. But, if you find him at all amusing or,
indeed, have never even seen him work Cat In The Hat is a
good chance to see a master comedian in action.

We have all read Dr. Seuss, right? (If not, do yourself a
favor). This film puts the Cat In The Hat into a fantastic
moving picture.

We have it all in this movie; the funky trees, the odd-looking
Things with wild blue hair, the red and white stripes, the
exaggerated furniture and colors, manicured lawns and lavender
houses, lime green and Barbie-pink outfits, talking fish and Alec
Baldwin in a bright purple suit.

Okay, so I’m not convincing you. I don’t blame you. My closest
friend required a complimentary ticket before she would even step
foot in the theater with me. But I had to see it for old time’s
sake. And I’m glad I did. While 15 percent of the movie stunned me
with its stupidity and corniness to the point that I sunk in my
chair, clicked my heels and wished I were somewhere else, a good 85
percent chunk left me not only laughing, but rolling in the aisles!
Mike Myers was hilarious with his perfect comedic timing. Dakota
Fanning was excellent and I think an exciting up and coming
actress. Alec Baldwin was fabulous at being a disgusting, conniving
money-grubber. The sets were awesome and along the same lines as
Brian Grazer’s other production of The Grinch starring Jim

In short that’s really all that this film needs, if you’re in
for some corny fun, this is the movie to see. It’s cute, sometimes
utterly stupid, but often uproariously fun. Just make sure you come
with your generous sense of humor.