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Rob Gronkowski is no feminist

Thank you so much, Rob Gronkowski. Not only for being a stellar tight-end for the New England Patriots, but for taking us down memory lane to a time when feminism was nonexistent.

On the “Jim Rome on Showtime” show, Gronkowski discusses qualities of his ideal future wife, saying that she would have to be drop dead gorgeous as she “cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, and let [him] do whatever [he] wants.” 

Congratulations Gronkowski, you just described Barbie!

Unfortunately for you, we live in the 21st century, a time where women have progressed from being secondhand housewives to independent, successful individuals. Just to let you know, finding your “ideal wife” is slim to none.

It is easy to say that Gronkowski is not a feminist. I don’t see this guy getting married anytime soon.

Even Jim Rome was shocked by Gronkowski’s outrageous list by telling him “Gronk, who is going to sign up for that s—?”

Honestly, I laughed when I saw Gronkowski have the nerve to list out qualifications for his wife. Not because it was funny, but because it was pathetic. For someone to believe that this was acceptable was offensive. I was offended.

First off, how would your wife bring in the “big cash” if she is staying at home? She cannot do both things at once, unless she’s an octopus. Gronkowski, you need to get your fantasies in order!

The crazy thing is that there are so many men who would totally agree with Gronkowski’s description of a wife. However, wives are not your personal servants! They are and can be hardworking, successful individuals. Women have struggled for decades to achieve equal rights. They continue that fight today not only for women, but also for all marginalized genders. Gronkowski’s words were a slap in the face to the individuals who’ve worked hard and are continuing to work for equal gender rights.

I was mostly disappointed when the show host Jim Rome asked the women in the audience if they would marry Gronkowski and they all cheered in agreement. Clearly this man has no respect for female empowerment and they were willing to marry him.

I just feel bad for those women who think Gronkowski’s logic is acceptable. It goes against what feminists fight for in society. After hearing the audience, I feel lucky to understand that women can be more than what Gronkowski said.

It is a never-ending fight for feminists. We need to teach people like Gronkowski that all genders are equal. Wives are more than just a pretty face that makes food at home.

So the next time I hear a man say that they want a wife similar to Gronkowski’s fantasy, I am going to tell them, “Man, you need to get your head out of the clouds.”

New England Patriot Tight End, Rob Gronkowski has high expectations for his ideal wife.
New England Patriot Tight End, Rob Gronkowski has high expectations for his ideal wife.