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Revamping your closet with affordable finds

As the first month of a new year is coming to a close, it’s only natural to find yourself itching for some new clothes. New clothes don’t necessarily mean having to send off your kidney to Mexico to revamp your closet according to the season and to your mood.

With thrift stores and affordable vintage shops densely scattered across the Bay Area you are bound to find some awesome finds. There’s always that one friend who is known in the group as the “professional thrifter” and with a little luck one of the picks listed might be their hidden stops.

1.Thrift Town in SF

2101 Mission St.

San Francisco

Located on the corner of 17th and Mission Street and close to the 16th St. Mission BART. It’s the City’s  mecca of thrift stores. It’s a right of passage for thrifters in the Bay. The store is restocked daily and offers coupons through its VIP program and discounts on colored tags everyday.

2.Thrift Town in San Leandro

16160 E 14th St.

San Leandro

The close relative of its Mission counterpart, Thrift Town welcomes all with its red bright accents and dome feature. The farther you move into the suburban mass, the better the findings as things are not as picked over. Thrift Town is surely a place where you will not leave empty-handed.

3. Down at Lulu’s

6603 Telegraph Ave


What makes Lulu’s stand out from the many little stores on Telegraph is the fact that the very well-curated vintage shop also shares space with a hair salon. So, if you’re in the mood for a little trim and shopping, Down at Lulu’s is your stop.

4. Pretty Penny

5488 College Ave


The area near the Rockridge BART is full of delicious eateries in addition to some decent shopping. Pretty Penny is a favorite because of their clean clothes and well-decorated space as well as their nice staff. For what they offer in the Rockridge neighborhood, their goodies are affordable and free of musty smells.

5. Goodwill in Chinatown

1220 Broadway


Although there are a slew of Goodwills across the nation, they might be a hit or miss depending on where they’re located. The Oakland Chinatown Goodwill never seems to disappoint as they steadily host some of the best finds in Oakland.