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Recipes for experience: an exhibition of Book Art students’ work

All photos by Jen Ramos

The Book Art Pocket Gallery held its first opening on March 29. The combined exhibition featured works by Intro to Book Art and Printmaking students. The Intro to Book Arts students showcased their letterpress works in an exhibition entitled Recipes For Experience. Printmaking students’ exhibition displayed Linocut Prints. The Book Art Pocket Gallery is located in CPM 121.

Upcoming Book Art Pocket Gallery Openings

April 9
The Pocket Gallery will be opening an exhibit that is an interactive showcase of Zines made by members of the Mills Community.

April 30
Gallery in a Box
The Pocket Gallery is the first location for a traveling exhibit by 2nd year Book Art and Creative Writing MFA students.

All openings are at 5 p.m. Refreshments will be provided.

As part of the Intro to Book Arts student exhibition called Recipes For Experience, a card details a recipe on how to get mugged.


A print by Leia Reedijk, entitled “Reflection,” is featured on the walls of the Pocket Gallery.