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Rebel Lee keeps seat

Barbara Lee, the only member of the House of Representatives to vote against a resolution authorizing President Bush to “use all necessary and appropriate force” against the terrorists last September, won the congressional elections in the 9th district Tuesday.

Lee defeated opponents Jerald Udinsky from the Republican Party and Libertarian James Eyer, with about 81 percent of the 90 percent votes counted.

“I reelected Congresswoman Barbara Lee because she truly does ‘speak for me,” said senior Hatzune Aguilar.

“I have been impressed by her constant pursuit of feedback from community leaders as well as from community members.”

Incumbent Lee, a Mills alumna, whose main political platform differs from her opponents on foreign policy and environmental issues, was reelected as congresswoman.

Her most attention getting proposals include supporting an independent Palestinian state and an opposition to a unilateral action against Iraq.

Mills students have shown support for Lee and continue to respect her decision last September.

“I voted for Barbara Lee because she is the only sane voice in congress,” said junior Mary Redwood.

“She wanted congress to do their job based on facts, not just give Bush all the power.”

Lee has worked on various issues affecting Americans on a national level as well as for her constituents here in the 9th district.

Lee said she seeks to improve health care and establish a universal health care system. She has proposed a resolution calling on Congress to pass a universal health care legislation by the end of 2004. Lee believes that this must be created in order to meet the needs of patients as well as caregivers and medical professionals. Lee hopes to model the American health care system after countries like Canada and Germany.

Locally, Lee is trying to create affordable housing, rehabilitate existing housing and construct new affordable housing and rental units. She has made efforts to educate and protect consumers through holding home ownership workshops for her constituents. Increasing funding for community projects and grants that provide housing opportunities to low-income families is also a goal. Lee has co-sponsored the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act to create and preserve 1.5 million housing units nationwide.

Barbara Lee’s win comes after a Democratic effort to regain control of the House of Representatives. Of the 435 seats in congress, 50 are up in the air, but fewer than 25 are truly competitive. The races in Missouri, Florida and Indiana were considered especially tight. Despite the Democratic efforts, there was no shift in power and the Republican Party still holds a majority in congress with