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Question of the Week | October 25, 2011

What other holiday might be improved by the use of costumes?

“Guy Fawkes Day. Everyone
would dress up as a bonfire.  You
could just cover yourself in twigs
and set them on fire.”

Luke Burns,
first-year grad student

“It would be funny if, on Election
Day, you dressed up as the
candidate you wanted to win.  Or
it would be cool if there was a hero
holiday and everyone got to dress
up as their hero.”

Carly Boland,
second-year grad student

“Valentine’s Day.  You could make
a romantic statement in more
creative ways — dressing to attract
or repel possible mates.”

Drew Mason,
AV/Media Services Coordinator

“Groundhog Day. You could dress
as your alter-ego.  Everyone would
step out of their own shadow.”

Nathalie Huertha,
second-year grad student

“I have a costume for Labor Day.
It’s sweatpants. Not white ones,
of course.”

Sasha Brown,

“My birthday, March 7. I would
like it if everybody on campus
walked around campus with
popped collars.  Double popped
collars would be even better.  No
stripes, all solids.”

Melanie Nicole Cargle,
first-year grad student

“Easter.  There’s a lot of
different directions you could take

Samara Halperin,

Compiled by Lauren Soldano and Jen Ramos