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Question of the Week | November 22, 2011

Cranberry sauce:  Essential or disgusting?

“I’ve never had it. My mom likes it,
but she likes nasty things, so I’m
going to assume it’s nasty.”

Destinee Hua,

“I don’t like cranberries. My family
has never used it. Unless you add a
lot of sugar, I don’t see how
cranberries can be good.”

Jessica Gonzalez,

“I think its essential, as long as you
don’t put orange in it.  People do that.
Its definitely a faux pas.”

Estee Schwartz,

“Basing it off cranberry juice, I’m
going to say disgusting.”

Heraa Hasnet,

“Essential. Turkey is dry. You can
put good stuff in it — like mangoes.
It complements the turkey.”

Simmone Dyrness,

Compiled by Lauren Soldano and Jen Ramos