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Question of the Week | November 15, 2011

There is now a media platform called “Occupy Records” where artists can release music inspired by the global movement.  What artist would you like to see contribute?

“Lauryn Hill because she won’t
make it abstract — she’ll just
come straight to the point.  It
would have some subtle
abstraction, but you would get
the message.  It would be a
cultural anthem.”

Dawna Williams,
Dean of Student Life

“I think it’s sucky to capitalize
on such a horrible situation. It’s
almost like colonization —
reaping the benefits of something
you didn’t do.”

Kehontas Rowe and Seth Boyles,
junior and first-year grad student 

“Adele–.  I think she would
give it a lot of name recognition,
plus I really love her voice; it
makes me want to curl up in my
snuggie and cry and drink hot
chocolate on a rainy day.”

Alice Hewitt,

“Dark Dark Dark. They would
sing about the emotions this
has brought up in people and
the effects it has on everyone

Lilly Slaughter,

“Wiz Khalifa would be all over

Bianca Louie,

Compiled by Lauren Soldano and Zara Sedore-Mallin