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Question of the Week | November 1, 2011

If you were part of the 1%, what would you do with all that money?

“I’d redistribute it so everyone would
have equal access to healthcare,
education, and sustainable food.
Basic things like that.”

Dr. Joi Lewis,
Dean of Student Life

“Create world peace. I’m running
for Miss America.”

Kiya Komaiko,
first-year grad student 
(Teresa Scanlan, present Miss America pictured)

“That’s a heavy question. Maybe
the 1% are holding onto it
because they can’t decide which
charity to give it to.”

Jason Hoopes,
Media Services Specialist

“How about equally distribute it?”

Lalane Coaxum,
Administrative Assistant for Student Services

“Redistribute the wealth by
changing things at the source. It’d
be better to dig us all out than just
say, ‘see you guys!’”

Makeda Byrd and Stephanie Yoshizuka,

Compiled by Lauren Soldano and Zara Sedore-Mallin