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Question of the Week | February 22, 2012

The Bay Bridge is closed and you dropped your BART card in the gutter. How do you get to the city for the Macy’s President’s Day Furniture Sale?

“Take a jet ski.”

— Rajan Manmohan,
Post – bac Student

“Buy another BART card.”

— Chris Pataki,
Post – bac Student

“I wouldn’t buy furniture from Macy’s even if it was on sale.”

— Lauren Soldano,
Teaching Assistant
& former Opinions Editor

“F@%#  Macy’s and corporations! Will this get me in
the paper?”

— Michelle Louise Geck,
Second Year Grad Student


— Patrice Scanlon,
Technical Director of
Intermedia Arts Program

Compiled by Michele Collender & Bridget Stagnitto