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Question of the Week | February 14, 2012

If you had Cupid’s power of cherubly love would you use your power for good or evil?

“Good; I truly believe that there is someone for eveyone. So, I would use my power to match them up.”

—Krista Coveris,

Public Safety Officer

“Good; I would have the Republicans and Democrats fall in love.”

—Mo Kaze,

post-bac student

“Good; I would use it to make people just happy-in-love with themselves in a non-narcissistic, self-discovery way.”

— Cuauhtemoc Peranda,

second-year grad student

“Good; I would help all the world countries that are currently hating on each other to fall in love with each other.”

— Priscilla Yuki Wilson,


“Good; I would use it to provide love to those who don’t have it.”

— Carlos Loera

bookstore employee

Compiled by Michele Collender and Bridget Stagnitto