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Question of the Week | December 6, 2011

What do you think the question of the week should be?

“How would you offset the budget?”
Quinne Hanrahan & Maribel Garcia,

“What kind of injustices go on
here at Mills and how can we
change them?  How can Mills
put a magnifying glass to itself?”
Jessica Stevenson,

“What equates to a relationship
and what doesn’t?”
Jeannie Tang,

“Why would Mills promote diversity
and social justice and then lay off
two of the most important people for
programs that move disenfranchised
communities — people with disabilities,
LGBTQII individuals, and people of
color — forward?”
Legs Kraust,
alumna & post-bac student

“What’s a college without Career
Development services?”
Marshé Ivy,

Compiled by Lauren Soldano and Bridget Stagnitto