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Question of the Week | April 3, 2012

Who’s your favorite fool and how will you prank them on April Fool’s Day?

“I don’t think that I should tell you because this person is a very gullible fool and I’m gonna spoof them real good.”

— Jessica Knapp,

“I would do something really gross but smart: put a concoction of rotten food under a person’s bed who is really messy. They won’t find it.”

—Sarah Renning,

“My favorite fool is everyone who’s coming to see me play on April 1 at the Greek Theater for Lydia Martin’s Napoleanna.”

— Robert Lopez,
first-year graduate student

“I don’t think I can take the risk. This is a very serious tradition.”

— Monika Alem,


“Robert Lopez is my favorite fool.”

— Josh Marshall,
first-year graduate student

Compiled by Michele Collender and Bridget Stagnitto