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Question of the Week | April 17, 2012

On this Friday the 13, what do you hope doesn’t happen to you?

“I hope that I don’t die at Adam Lowdermilk’s recital.”

—Moni Gbadebo,
second year graduate student

“I hope I’m not quoted in public.”

—Ralph Lewis,
third year graduate student

“I hope I don’t fall asleep in class.”

—Rachel Quimby,

“I hope I don’t hear anything from the M Center today.”

—Grace Osborne,

“I don’t want it to rain.”

—Mathilda Moore,

“I hope a piano doesn’t fall out of the sky.”

— Dave Lu,
second-year graduate student

“I hope I don’t forget to do my taxes.”

—Chrissy Donovan,
first-year graduate student

“I hope I don’t lose my game of words with friends.”

—Seth Boyles,
first year graduate student

Compiled by Michele Collender & Bridget Stagnitto