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Question of the Week | April 16, 2013

Do you think alerting the students of the recent shooting near campus was handled adequately?

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“I think it was handled well because everyone who wanted to be alerted was alerted, and I’m pretty sure we all received emails, and that’s really effective.”
—CJ Roessler

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“I guess so. I wish they did alert us of the other shooting. I expected something from them. They promised they’d alert us when it was all clear. They never did.”
—Chelsea Carminito

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“I thought they did a good job, especially since it’s for a large group of people.”
—Sasha Reed

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“They might want to change their approach. I didn’t know it was a shooting because of the word ‘incident’.”
—Riley Wise
First-year grad student

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“Yeah, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what happened.”
—Deirdre Holloway

Compiled by Octavia Sun and Jen Mac Ramos.

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