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Question of the Week | April 10, 2012

Who’s your favorite prophet?

“James Lovelock. He prophesized the Earth will eventually cleanse itself of its parasites, humans.”

— Mark Thompson,
Health Center cashier/receptionist

“Steve Jobs & Bill Gates”

—Monisola Gbadebo and Ryan Ross Smith,

“Elijah Mohammed”

—Arla B-Baum,

“Baha’u’’llah, of the Bahai religion, whose name literally means ‘glory of god’ preaches every prophet that comes into the world is delivering the same message from the same god, with a different interpretation”

—Priscilla Yuki-Wilson,

“Sun Ra”

— Andrew Weathers,
first-year graduate student

“Aleister Crowley”

—Ashley Sweet,
post-bac student

Compiled by Michele Collender and Bridget Stagnitto