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BLOG | Public Safety takes steps to avoid racial profiling

Following the racial profiling allegations made against the department last semester, Public Safety said it has implemented extra training sessions for officers. These courses have been planned in conjunction with the Division of Student Life and involve educating officers about hate crimes and other discriminatory actions.

According to Niviece Robinson, assistant director of Public Safety, Public Safety sergeants spend around four hours a month in work-related training. They undergo training online, on-site and with outside companies like the Red Cross.

The department also wants to have all Public Safety officers accredited by the Oakland Police Department. However, budget restraints have kept this goal from becoming a reality.

It is currently unclear whether or not the extra training has made a positive impact on Public Safety’s techniques. No formal study can be conducted since there is no data to compare the current situation too, but Mills students, let us know: have you seen a difference in Public Safety’s front gate behavior? Do you feel officers are biased in who they stop and who they don’t? Did you ever think so?