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Presidential primaries heat up

With almost half the country having voted or caucused for their choice in presidential candidates, the country inches toward the reality of who will sit in the oval office next year. In the past month, 25 states have held the primaries for either the democratic or republican party, or both.

On Super Tuesday, 14 states held primaries and on Super Saturday, 5 states held primaries. There have been 6 primaries after that.

Here’s the run down of the current standing of the candidates as reported by the New York Times:

Democratic Party: Hillary Clinton won 13 states, Bernie Sanders won 9 states.

Republican Party: Donald Trump won 15 states, Ted Cruz won 7, Marco Rubio won one, and John Kasich hasn’t won any.

Ben Carson and Chris Christie have suspended their campaigns as a result.

As it stands, the New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton is leading in delegates with 760, with Bernie Sanders trailing behind at 546. A Democrat nomination needs 2,383 delegates to win. Donald Trump is leading the republican delegates at 458, with Ted Cruz on his tail at 359, Marco Rubio with 151, and John Kasich still contending with 54. A Republican nomination needs 1,237 delegates to win.

The deadline to register to vote in the June 7th California primaries is May 23.