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Post-election relief: we can all be friends again

Backstabbing. Gossip. Hair Puling. Name-calling. No, this isn’t the girl’s locker-room at Sweet Valley High, it’s the 2012 Election. We at The Campanil are so glad that it’s over. Election years are like reverse Christmas. Instead of bringing everyone together with unity and good cheer, they rip people apart.

One of the most amazing things about being in America is that we all have the right to express our feelings and opinions differently. Turning on people because of their opinions is perhaps the most un-American thing people can do. And yet, that’s what election season is all about.

Facebook is a mine field during this time. Many of us had no idea our friends from home believed that President Obama was working for the Taliban or that Mitt Romney was a member of the Illuminati.

The election is over today and we don’t have to put up with uninformed opinions and awkward arguments where people attack others for uninformed reasons. It also means there are no more political ads and thank goodness for that.

The election has also divided families. Obama wives fight Romney husbands over reproductive rights and the economy. The rhetoric is all too close to the “Brother against Brother” times of the civil war.

We are tired of five point plans. We have been bombarded with attack ads. We are tired of the negativity.

We are glad the elections are over, although we are very stressed out about hearing the results of the election.

There is a lot on the line and we are nervous to see what the next four years will be like. As women and as college students we feel who ever the next President is will have an impact on our future.

We have also learned a lot from this election. This will be the only election that many of us have experienced as a current Mills students and it has been quite the journey.

From hearing what our peers think about each candidate and having healthy debates to spreading the knowledge about the voting process in general. It has all been worth it.

It still feels like we could have done more to get awareness of propositions out there, especially 32, and the death penalty, and the three-strikes sentencing. We would like to think that news coverage would come back down to earth but it wont.

The 24-hour news cycle will focus on some other nonsense that doesn’t matter to make up nonsense about it.