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Pick-up volleyball brings afternoon delight to Mills

(Danielle Toriumi) Loke Davis, the volleyball coach, leads pick-up volleyball on Friday afternoons.
(Danielle Toriumi)
Loke Davis, the volleyball coach, leads pick-up volleyball on Friday afternoons.

With the semester progressing and finals inching closer, some students look forward to playing volleyball at the Presidents Meadow.

The pick up volleyball games were established with the objective of creating a community through recreation. Head Volleyball coach Loke Davis organizes the weekly activity for Mills students, faculty and staff.

“The goal is to engage as many students, staff and faculty as possible who want to participate,” Davis said.

Students, professors and staff — of all volleyball experience levels — are able to participate in the non-competitive and continuous game. Ashley Mulshenock, a member of the Volleyball team, engages in pick-up volleyball as often as she can.

“Pick-up volleyball is a good way for me to have fun and take pressure off of practice,” Mulshenock said.

So far, the pick-up volleyball games have received numerous positive reactions. Transfer student Whitley Gilbert had never played volleyball before, but says that the encouragement and sense of community she receives from participating in pick-up volleyball keeps her motivated to come back every week.

“It is encouraging,” Gilbert said. “It is amazing when people have a lot of good things to say, whether you hit or miss the ball.”

Gilbert said that she has become more involved in the Mills community through the weekly gatherings.

June Garzaniti, who prefers the pronouns they/them, also considers the pick-up volleyball games as a part of their weekly routine, and is planning to join the Volleyball team full-force next semester. Garzanti’s passion for volleyball motivates them to incorporate it into their daily life.

“It has been something I have looked forward to at the end of the week to lift my spirits,” Garzanti said. “Turning the attention to a light activity is a stress-reducing way to meet new people.”

Pick-up volleyball games take place every Friday from 12p.m.-1p.m. in the President’s Meadow next to Haas Pavillon.