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Oscar spoof shines

Every year, on the same day that the rest of Hollywood gets glam for Oscar, the members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation gives away “Razzies” for the worst film, worst direction, and worst performances of the year.

This year was special-unlike the Oscars it was not because it was the first time an African American won, but because one of the winners actually showed up to the ceremony.

Tom Green, MTV host and gross-out king, took home five Razzie trophies on Sunday night, for his picture “Freddy Got Fingered.” When it released, CNN called the film “the worst movie ever released by a major studio in Hollywood history.”

Green’s awards included Worst Picture, Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Screenwriter (with “Freddy” co-writer Derek Harvie) and Worst On-Screen Couple. The Worst couple award officially went to Tom Green and any animal he abused in the film, beating out Mariah Carey’s cleavage in “Glitter.”

Green arrived in a white 60’s Cadillac, wearing a tuxedo and rolling out his own red carpet, outside the Magicopolis theater in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Calling his award a “dream come true,” Green concluded his speech with a specially-composed piece of music he played on the harmonica.

The organizers had to drag the star off the stage when it became clear his song would never end.

The Razzie trophies are gold-painted, raspberry-shaped statues whose materials include lids from iced tea jars, Super-8mm film reels and wood-grain shelf paper.

Razzies founder John Wilson said the awards cost $4.79 each and that he “made them the other day on my patio.”

The Razzies began 22 years ago, to spoof awards shows in general, the Oscars in particular, and to point out to studios and filmmakers that the truly egregious do not go unnoticed. The presentation, held across town from the Kodak theater in Hollywood, where the Oscars are held, is complete with a tacky opening number, (a song called “Hooray for What’s No Good!” where they called “Pearl Harbor” a three-hour bore and urged guests to donate to Sylvester Stallone’s retirement fund) tuxedoed presenters, envelopes and clips of nominated films.

To date, Green has been the only person to accept a Razzie award. Mariah Carey did not drop by this year to accept her award for “Glitter”-she didn’t even show up at that other awards show, where she could’ve heard hostess Whoopi Goldberg make a few cracks about her dreadful flick.

Can we do a box for this.

Complete Razzie Winners:

Worst Picture

FREDDY GOT FINGERED (20th Century-Fox)

Worst Actor


Worst Actress

Mariah Carey/GLITTER (20th Century-Fox/Columbia)

Worst Supporting Actor

Charlton Heston/CATS & DOGS (Warner Bros.)

PLANET of the APES (20th Century-Fox) and TOWN & COUNTRY (New Line)

Worst Supporting Actress

Estella Warren/DRIVEN (Warner Bros.) and PLANET of the APES

Worst Screen Couple

Tom Green & Any Animal He Abuses/FREDDY GOT FINGERED

Worst Remake or Sequel

PLANET of the APES(20th Century-Fox)

Worst Director


Worst Screenplay

FREDDY GOT FINGERED, Written by Tom Green and Derek Harvie