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Online Dating with C & M

Imagine scenario one: Awkward eye contact in Founders. That person in the back of class who looks really familiar. You know you know them from somewhere, but wh-…oooohhhhh! That pesky OKCupid account you made out of desperation on the bus back from Goodwill after a not-so-satisfactory attempt at real life dating is coming back to haunt you.

Now, imagine scenario two: A woman, alone, in the dickless tundra that is Mills’ campus, yearning for the scent of Axe to come drifting. For some, the shuttle is simply a convenient way to Berkeley, but for her the shuttle is a caravan into the moist oasis that is home to endless tribes of men.

Seems like everyone these days has some sort of online profile or is at least tempted to start one. Everyone is looking for friendship, romance or just a good lay via the Internet. People from all across the spectrum are looking for love.

M says: I, personally, am not all that into online dating. Call me old school, but I was waiting for that special someone to just cross my path one day maybe at my favorite cafe or at the gas pump. My first two years at Mills, I was in and out of relationships, so of course I did the frat party thing and going to cafes in Berkeley to check out the cute guys, but not everyone has time for that. Eventually, one of my close friends told me about Date My School, and I was intrigued. I found it humorous that I could select my date by school, plus it was free. I never went on any dates with guys I talked to on DMS — firstly because I didn’t really have the balls to meet someone at a cafe, and secondly, because I had heard too many weird stories about people meeting online and then in person and being stood up or judged. Overall, I have nothing against online dating; it’s just not my thing. To me, it’s like having another Facebook, and I have trouble keeping up with the one I have now.

C says: I tried my hand at online dating. I created a profile on the ever popular OKCupid (also free). I wasn’t afraid to create the profile, but I was mortified to tell other people I had. I could literally spent hours on that site answering all their crazy questions. Anyway, one thing lead to another and I ended up going on two dates with a non-Mills woman. I was nervous about meeting someone from online…what if it’s actually some 40 year old dude!?!? I definitely agree with M – meet somewhere public. This other OKC-goer and I ended up meeting in the Haight for coffee. She was super nice and did in fact look like her photographs. Things ended up not working out, so it goes. But I’d say it was a relatively positive experience and would highly recommend OKCupid to anyone who is having trouble meeting people outside of Mills.

So, what’s the number one takeaway about online dating? Meet somewhere public. Online dating is becoming more and more popular, and can be a really safe and effective way to meet people if done responsibly. Also, online dating works for some people, and for other people it’s just not their fancy. Either way, it’s all good.

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