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OM holds referendum for campus

Mills College Weekly

Mills students and faculty took to the polls Tuesday to exercise their civil duties.

While many citizens participated in statewide and county elections, Mills had its own private election.

Organizing Mills, an on campus activist group held their own poll on the war in Iraq.

They will send the statistics to a national organization that is collecting data from different colleges. The group will forward the accumulated numbers to congress.

“This is a nationwide reading of what constituents would have told their congress people if they had been asked,” said Catherine Edgerton, who sat in front of the tea shop urging students to vote on the United States’ possible war with Iraq.

Anke Davern, a member of OM, said she feels that since it is the people’s tax dollars that increase military spending, the people should have more of a voice about the possibility of war.

Most importantly, both Davern and Edgerton feel that this is a way for everyone to voice their opinions without fear of persecution.

” We want people to feel like this is a safe community to voice their opinions,” Davern said. ” We don’t want liberals to shut down conservatives.”

As far as student reactions, Edegerton felt that most students were accommodating and took the time to vote on the referendum.

The results will be counted by the end of the day.