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October 2005 Public Safety Blotter

Mills Public Safety Activity Report October 2005

Daily activity reports represent calls to Public Safety received at the gatehouse and those forwarded by field staff for documentation. The information contained is not presented as factual, rather it is as reported. It allows the Mills community members to see the volume and general nature of activity in any given part of the campus.

Activity reports are taken straight from communication logs. Please keep in mind some crimes and activities must be screened due to restrictions and privacy rights of victims.


Calls are classified as they are received and dispatched. The description of the incident is documented by the gatehouse security staff at the time it is first reported to security and does not necessarily reflect the actual event. For example: A student reports a robbery and requests security come and take a report, but later the security staff finds out it is actually a burglary. This would be listed on the activity log as a robbery – as it was called in, even though it was actually a burglary.


Monday, Oct. 31, 2005

0743hrs. Parking complaint: Auto blocking Richards lot entrance.

1124hrs. Medical Assist: Ambulance called for individual at Mills Hall.

1134hrs. Ambulance and Fire department on-site to assist at Mills Hall.

1349hrs. Lost and Found: Item returned to owner.

2100hrs. Animal Control: Animal control contacted for pickup of opossum in garbage can.

0010hrs. Lockout: Warren Olney Hall


Sunday, Oct. 30, 2005

1051hrs. Medical Assist: Ill visitor at Rothwell

1005hrs. Individual reports someone went through donation box at Rothwell and took items.

1655hrs. Lockout: Graduate Art Studio

1706hrs. Lost and Found: Cell phone picked up.

1755hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.


Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005

0841hrs. Lost and Found: Wallet turned in.

1143hrs. Maintenance Request: Plumbing problem, Faculty Village

2148hrs. Lost and Found: Identification card turned in.

2308hrs. Lockout: Warren Olney

2347hrs. Unsecured door: Julia Morgan side door found open.

0131hrs. Lockout: Ethel Moore

0133hrs. Noise Complaint: Party at Prospect Hill.


Friday, Oct. 28, 2005

1128hrs Protest: Student protest at Olin Library

1619hrs. Theft: Student reports her wallet was taken at Rothwell Center

1830hrs. Maintenance Request: Olin Library door not securing properly.


Thursday, Oct. 27, 2005

0620hrs. Alarm Response: Art Gallery

0926hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm Warren Olney

1455hrs. Auto Assist: Vehicle jump at Rothwell

1615hrs. Alarm Response: Olin Library

1924hrs. Lockout: Staff AHR


Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005

1440hrs. Housekeeping request DPS check window at Orchard Meadow .


Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005

0745hrs. Alarm Response: Staff set off alarm at Education Center

1317hrs. Auto assist: Auto jump at Faculty Village.

1934hrs. Lockout: at Ege Hall

2029hrs. Lockout: at Warren Olney

2341hrs. Student harassment complaint Underwood Apts.


Monday, Oct. 24, 2005

0950hrs. Alarm Response: System check at Ege Hall. One perimeter door found open.

1320hrs. Staff reports dead animal along Macarthur Blvd. Animal Control contacted.

1428hrs. Alarm Response: System check at Rothwell Center.

1857hrs. Staff reports hallway lights out at Stern by room #10. Work order submitted.

2306hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall door alarm B-wing.

0434hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall system test signal.

0557hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door alarm.


Sunday, Oct. 23, 2005

0940hrs. Window found unsecured at Mary Morse living room.

1320hrs. Security Check: Stern lab all clear

1328hrs. Report received a suspicious person near CPM. Walk through clear staff member on-site.

1357hrs. Mary Atkins lounge door found unsecured.

1859hrs. Lockout: Student lock-out Prospect

2136hrs. RA advised DPS a student was mugged off campus near the Albertson's grocery store. Oakland Police Department contacted for report.

2156hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

2200hrs. Oakland Police on-site for incident report.

0139hrs. Staff reports unsecured door at Student union.


Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005

0941hrs. Lost and Found: Student reports a missing book.

1027hrs. Walker reports an expired canine on grounds.

1042hrs. Alarm Response: Art Gallery

1115hrs. Unsecured window found at Education Center

1144hrs. Transportation: Staff reports two cars parked outside campus blocking the emergency lane by the Seminary/MacArthur gate.

1239hrs. Transportation: Large Mills van out of service

1241hrs. Student requests lockup of residential dorm room at Ethel Moore.

1704hrs. Staff reports a broken window at Olin Library.

2018hrs. Alarm response: Education Complex

2117hrs. Student reports no hot water at Warren Olney . Facilities advised

0024hrs. RA reports and alarm sounding at Mary Morse. Alarm reset, no emergency.

0126hrs. Student reports missing items from her room possibly taken by four men seen in the residence hall. Oakland Police Department contacted.


Friday, Oct. 21, 2005

0823hrs. Transportation: Complaint received.

1220hrs. Maintenance/HMDS: Student reports wash machine overflowing at Warren Olney

1439hrs. Lockout: Student club office at Rothwell.

1555hrs. Trouble Signal: Staff requests assistance to service alarm at Ege .

1625hrs. Animal Code: Student reports a loose dog at Rothwell.

1759hrs. Transportation: Van driver reports minor problem, switching vans.

1759hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal received for NE basement door.


Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005

0703hrs.Animal Control Request: Student reports raccoon in garbage cans at Orchard Meadow.

1055hrs. Lockout: Music Department.

1300hrs. Disturbance/Threat: Staff reports a verbal altercation with customer at Rothwell USP.

1930hrs. Lockout: Graduate Art Studio

1950hrs. Lockout: Carnegie Hall

2133hrs. Parking: Verbal warning to driver unauthorized parking along Seminary.

2200hrs. Medical Assist: Student reports chest pains.


Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2005

1129hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal Carnegie Hall

1413hrs: Grounds: Water leak reported between B and C wing of Reinhardt Hall.

1555hrs. Lockout: Prospect Hill

1656hrs. Lockout Graduate Art Studio

1810hrs. Lockout: Prospect Hill

1941hrs. Alarm Response: Children's School

2123hrs. Noise Inquiry: Student reports someone screaming at Orchard Meadow.

2131hrs. Unsecured door: Student requests lockup of unsecured door near recreation room at Warren Olney.

2254hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center

0003hrs. Maintenance/HMDS: Student reports restroom flooded on the 3rd floor of Warren Olney.

0005hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall


Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2005

0706hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center #105.

1417hrs. Auto Assist: Pinetop Road

1845hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center

1928hrs. Maintenance Request: Window not securing at Founders.


Monday, Oct. 17, 2005

0633hrs. Maintenance Request: L. Stern window latch broken.

0726hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center

0819hrs. Transportation: Complaint individuals speeding on Richards Rd.

0924hrs. Grounds Request: A staff member reports an open area in the perimeter fence line by the Seminary pedestrian gate of Life Science.

1311hrs. Transportation: Complaint auto parked in the Fire Lane at the Sculpture Building.

1633hrs. Assistance:  Resident reports that her canine is missing on campus.

1934hrs. Lockout: Life Science building.

2051hrs. Incident: Faculty Village resident reports auto vandalism.

2304hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center pre-school.

0430hrs. Incident Follow-up: Oakland Police Technician on-site for prints at CPM.


Sunday, Oct. 16, 2005

1116hrs. Maintenance Request: Student reports the front door of Mary Morse not securing properly.

1356hrs. Alarm Response: trouble signal at Warren Olney NE basement door.

1435hrs. Burglary: Staff reports burglary at CPM classroom. No suspect description available. Burglary tool found at location. Oakland Police responded.

1450hrs. Suspicious vehicle: Staff reports possible suspicious rental truck parked on Macarthur/Seminary.

1600hrs. Alarm response: Trouble signal reported at Ethel Moore.

2148hrs. Lockout: Student lockout at Mary Morse


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005

0702hrs. Unsecured window: Window found open at Education complex.

1205hrs. Transportation: Mills van switched due to maintenance problem.

1954hrs. Inquiry: Kapiolani Cottage lights on. Residence is vacant.

2124hrs. Juvenile Disturbance: Report of juveniles throwing objects at complex.


Friday, Oct. 14, 2005

0835hrs. Complaint received: Auto blocking entrance to Lake Aliso.

0900hrs. Lock-up request: Ethel Moore student room.

0955hrs. Alarm response: Trouble signal Warren Only NE basement door.

1336hrs. Harassment: Student reports being harassed by an unknown male. on Macarthur Blvd near AC Transit stop and Albertson's grocery store. Report submitted to Oakland Police. Description: Black Male 5'9, 180 pounds wearing dark bulky clothing driving a green truck. Anyone with further information on this incident should contact Public Safety at 510-430-2139.

1654hrs. Lockout: Student lockout at Ethel Moore.

2019hrs. Lockout: Faculty Village

2305hrs. Maintenance Request/HMDS: Student reports women's restroom overflow.

0205hrs. Alarm response: Door alarm Ege B-wing.


Thursday, Oct. 13, 2005

0556hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney Basement door.

1714hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall A-wing

2042hrs. Suspicious Person: Student reports encountering a suspicious person while walking from 7-Eleven on Macarthur.


Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2005

0620hrs. Incident Report: Break in at CPM, computer theft.

1539hrs. Alarm Response: Ethel Moore trouble signal .

1854hrs. Alarm Response: Carnegie hall trouble signal.

2028hrs. Harassment: Campus resident request incident report.

2156hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney Basement door.


Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2005

1310hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal Warren Olney


Monday, Oct. 10, 2005

0718hrs. Alarm: Technician on-site serving systems.

0957hrs. Alarm response: Door alarm Warren Olney.

1025hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm reset at Ege Hall.

1431hrs. Lost and Found: Pickup.

1252hrs. Alarm Response: Door alarm sounding at Ege Hall A-wing.

2310hrs. Unsecured Door: One Source unsecured door in Mills Hall.


Sunday, Oct. 9, 2005

1623hrs. Lockout: Student-lockout Ethel Moore (Canceled).

1635hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal Z53 at Ethel Moore. Technician will service.

1838hrs. Maintenance Request: Backed up sink Prospect. Work order submitted.


Saturday, Oct. 8, 2005

1129hrs. Maintenance Request-Grounds: Water leak by Music Building, sprinkler.

1300hrs. Maintenance Request: Water leak women’s restroom HAAS.

1454hrs. Lockout: Student-Art Drawing room.

2103hrs. Lockout:  Student-lockout. Prospect Hill.


Friday, Oct. 7, 2005

0919hrs. Lost and Found: Student reports keys lost for studio.

1900hrs. Alarm Response: Alarm at Education Complex.

1544hrs. Lost and Found: Package found. Owner contacted.


Thursday, Oct. 6, 2005

1817hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble Signal NE door Warren Olney.


Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2005

1005hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney NE Basement door.

1200hrs. Traffic Accident: Fine Arts Annex/Kapiolani Rd.

1234hrs. Disabled Auto:  HAAS AAA called.

1414hrs. Auto Assist: Vehicle jump Richards Lot.

1436hrs. Auto Assist: Vehicle jump Rothwell Lot.

1551hrs. Lockout: Staff lockout Kimball House.

1700hrs. Lockout: Music Building.

2125hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Individual reported someone checking doors at Stern. Gone on arrival.

2126hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal Warren Olney NE door.


Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2005

1750hrs. Maintenance Request: Water leak at Warren Olney.

1910hrs. Lockout: Resident Underwood.


Monday, Oct. 3, 2005

0831hrs. Alarm Response: Carnegie Hall, technician working on system.

1700hrs. Grounds Request: Tree down near Cowell.

1937hrs. Medical Assist: Student injury at HAAS. AMR responded.

2051hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center alarm sounding due to high winds.

0023hrs.Suspicious Person(s): Two males spotted by Seminary/Macarthur (Wetmore Gate). 1 African American 1 Asian, Age 17-20, advised no loitering. Individuals left, no incident.


Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005

1630hrs. Maintenance Request: Pest control trap set.

1653hrs. Maintenance Request: Cancelled: Pest (lizard) removed from room.

1719hrs. Vehicle Assist: Richards Rd. disabled auto.

1755hrs. Medical Assist: Injury accident report turned in from Aquatic Center.

1866hrs. Alarm response: Clock alarm sounding in room. No fire alarm.


Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005

1314hrs. Maintenance Request: 2 damaged areas on fence line.

1620hrs. Auto Assist: Vehicle jump request Mary Morse.

2331hrs. Alarm Response: Monitoring agency notification daily test.

0020hrs. Lockout: Student lockout Orchard Meadow.


Public Safety requests the following information when filing a report:








Facial Hair

Hat (color/type)





Hair, Length, Color, Style



Which direction did the suspect go?

How did he/she leave? By foot, car, bike, etc.?




Approximate Year

Physical characteristics about vehicle: dents, broken lights, no tags, etc.

Other occupants