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Occupy Oakland Remains Strong Throughout Police Presence

On Oct. 10, Oakland Police create a barricade and stand ready with riot gear, including shields and zip ties. All photos by Chantelle Panackia.
In the Oscar Grant plaza, a large group of protesters hold up a banner apropos to the recent closing of schools in the Oakland Unified School District on Oct. 10.

Michelle Tassin, a first-year student at Mills, partaking in the protest with her sign.

Brooke Porter, a Mills first-year protesting with her homemade sign in front of City Hall on a rainy day.


A crowd scene depicts a Guy Fawkes mask hung on the back of a protester's head and a Hella Occupy Oakland sign being held up.


Undeterred by the rain, a large crowd congregated on the steps holding up homemade signs for the protest at the Oscar Grant Plaza.

Compiled by Bonnie Horgos and Joann Pak