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Oakland Mayoral Candidate profiles

Taking a closer look at Oakland’s mayoral candidates in the 2010 election.

Larry Lionel Young Jr.

You has worked as an entrepreneur, quarterback, youth-leader and teacher. Young is focusing on the budget deficit, public safety and education as his main points of interest in Oakland.

Joseph Tuman

Tuman has lived in Oakland for 25 years. He has been a professor of politics, political analyst and small business owner. He is focusing on crime and spurring local business in Oakland.

Jean Quan

Quan’s family has lived in Oakland for over 100 years. When she was a councilmember, she helped co-write Measure Y. She is focusing on improving government accessibility to citizens, crime and jobs in Oakland.

Don Perata

Perata was the Alameda County Supervisor, California State Assemblyman, California State Senator and Senate President Pro Tempore. He is focusing on promoting local businesses, education and crime.

Donald Lachlan Macleay

Macleay has been a small business owner for the past 5 years. He is focusing on community support for education and public safety, justice and job growth in Oakland.

Marcie Hodge

Hodge attended Merritt College and California State University, Hayward, and is currently working towards her PhD at Alliant University. She has worked with foster care youth for ten years and has been on the Budget Advisory Committee for Oakland.

She is focusing on jobs, public safety and supporting multiculturalism in Oakland.

Arnold Fields

Fields has worked as a real estate broker, and is a 3rd generation Oakland resident. He is focusing on job creation and fostering entrepreneurship.

Gregory V. Harland

Harland has created and sold 5 businesses in the last 40 years. He is focusing on the economy, jobs, public safety and education in Oakland.

Terence Cerene Candell

Candell was born and raised in Oakland and has been an educator and a businessman, winning the Educator of the Year Award 5 times.

He has received the Allstar PHAT Friends Award for working with inner-city youth as well as the Bank of America’s Neighborhood Excellence Hero Award.

Rebecca Kaplan

Kaplan attended MIT and Stanford Law School. She has worked as an Oakland Councilmember, AC Transit Director At-large and Alameda County Transportation Commissioner.

She is focusing on jobs, promoting local businesses and improving transportation.