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November 2005 Public Safety Blotter

Mills Public Safety Activity Report November 2005

Daily activity reports represent calls to Public Safety received at the gatehouse and those forwarded by field staff for documentation. The information contained is not presented as factual, rather it is as reported. It allows the Mills community members to see the volume and general nature of activity in any given part of the campus. Activity reports are taken straight from communication logs. Please keep in mind some crimes and activities must be screened due to restrictions and privacy rights of victims.


Public Safety officers have the authority to issue parking tickets, which are billed to financial accounts of students, faculty and staff. Public Safety officers do not possess arrest power. Criminal incidents are referred to the local police. The Public Safety Department maintains a highly professional working relationship with the Oakland Police Department. All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to Public Safety, Division of Student Life and the appropriate police agency. Prompt reporting will assure timely warning notices on-campus and timely disclosure of crime statistics. Calls are classified as they are received and dispatched. The description of the incident is documented by the gatehouse security staff at the time it is first reported to security and does not necessarily reflect the actual event. For example: A student reports a robbery and requests security come and take a report, but later the security staff finds out it is actually a burglary. This would be listed on the activity log as a robbery-as it was called in, even though it was actually a burglary.

*Lost and Found has been moved to Sage Hall room I39*


Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2005

Suspicious Persons Alert: A report of suspicious person(s) was reported during the weekend evening hours prowling in the area of Wetmore Road and Seminary Avenue. Click here for the full report.


Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005

0600hrs. Blackout/Power Outage: Power back on. Staff dispatched to check and reset alarm systems.

0733hrs. Maintenance Request: Light broken at Education Complex.

1243hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center 2nd Floor.

1348hrs. Alarm Response: Art Center, Graduate Art, trouble signal, system OK.

1358hrs. Alarm Response: Art Center, Sculpture, trouble signal, system OK.

1533hrs. Alarm Response: Art Center, Sculpture, trouble signal, system OK.

1708hrs. Alarm Response: Education, trouble signal, system OK.

1818hrs. Maintenance Request: Broken window at Vera Long already reported.

2100-2120hrs: Suspicious Person(s): Staff reports 4 suspicious individuals seen near Wetmore Rd. Individuals ran and jumped over the fence on Seminary Description: four black males, age 18-24, height(s) 5'7-5'9, wearing black hooded sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers. Individual jumped into a white vehicle (Mercury or Pontiac )

2125hrs. Report: Staff reports possible break in at CPM #105. Oakland Police Department responded.


Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005

0951hrs. Maintenance Request: Mills Hall door lock damage. Locksmith advised.*Oakland Police Department contacted for incident report, lock shows evidence of a possible break in attempt.*

1116hrs. Alarm Response: Motion sensor alarm Art Gallery. No incident.

1315hrs. Maintenance Request: Main entry door at Sage not unlocking properly.

1322hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall

1345hrs. 911 Alarm: No emergency default alarm.

1420hrs. Alarm Response: Staff accidentally set off alarm.

1839hrs. Maintenance Request: Staff reports window found broken at Education complex. Facilities carpenter contacted.

1902hrs. Unsecured Building: 3 windows found unsecured in Carnegie office #105

1921hrs.Unsecured Building: 2 windows found closed but not secured on the 1st floor of Mills Hall.

2015hrs. Unsecured Building: Wetmore door found locked but not closed properly.

2024hrs. Unsecured Building: Kimball room #4, 2 windows found closed but not locked.

2039hrs. Unsecured Building: Education, patio door #105 and #200 found closed but not locked.

2248hrs. Students/guests observed playing soccer inside Ege Hall

0240hrs. Blackout/Power Outage


Friday, Nov. 18, 2005

0925hrs. Alarm Response: Staff set off alarm at Gallery by accident.

0929hrs. Alarm Response: Burglary alarm sounding at Education complex.

0942hrs. Lockout: Staff at Kimball

1100hrs. Staff reports smoke in Carnegie Hall. Oakland Fire Department responded. Space heater found unattended and on under desk. Unit disconnected. No further incident.

1208hrs. Medical Assist: Conference guest fell at Student Union. Ambulance declined.

1220hrs. Alarm Response: Education complex, fire system, reset.

1255hrs. Ambulance on-site for student at Founders.

1537hrs. Lockout: Staff at Kimball

1901hrs. Lockout: Warren Olney

1911hrs. Lockout: Ethel Moore

1846hrs. Maintenance Request/Security Check: Staff reports doors in Cowell can't be secured, damage to locks. Locksmith advised.

1920hrs. Maintenance Request/Security Check: Staff reports door at Stern can't be secured, damage to lock. Locksmith advised. *Oakland Police Department contacted for incident reports, locks show evidence of a possible break in attempt.*

2016hrs. Maintenance Request: Student reports her key is stuck in a door at Ethel Moore.

2318hrs. Lockout: Mary Morse.

0058hrs.Suspicious Person(s): Staff reports suspicious person(s) standing near Sage. Description: two white males, height 5'7, wearing jackets, beanie hats standing at Sage Hall.


Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2005

1313hrs. Lockout: Kimball House

1124hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall

1409hrs. Lockout: Rothwell

1658hrs. Alarm Response: Staff accidentally set off the Art Gallery alarm


Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005

0946hrs. Medical Assist: Student injured ankle at Art complex

1100hrs. Property Damage: Student reports a branch fell from a tree and damaged her car on Post Rd.

1110hrs. Lockout: Ege Hall

1428hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1557hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Student reports suspicious Asian male on Richards Rd.

1642hrs. Suspicious Person(s): Staff reports two suspicious Africa-American males inside the Music building pulling the door handles of the classrooms.

1802hrs. Lockout: Underwood resident

2015hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall A-wing door alarm.

2040hrs. Lockout: Prospect Hill Apts.

2339hrs. Lost and Found: Wallet turned from Suzie's

2357hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door


Monday, Nov. 14, 2005

0600hrs. Vandalism: Graffiti reported by staff at Life Science, single unisex restroom.

0800hrs. Vandalism: Graffiti reported by staff at Vera long, restroom.

0803hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney.

1004hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney lobby door alarm

1155hrs. Unsecured door: Ethel Moore, contractors working at building.

1510hrs. Lockout: Warren Olney student lost keys.

1802hrs. Lockout: Underwood resident.

2141hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney lobby door alarm.


Sunday, Nov. 13, 2005

0725hrs. Crime Alert: Notice distribution to Faculty Village

0853hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex

0948hrs. Painters working at Sage Hall

1028hrs. Maintenance Request: Street light out in Faculty Village

1214hrs. Oakland Police Department patrol unit on campus no incident

1359hrs. Contractor Comfort Dynamics working on campus.

1503hrs. Lockout: Olin Library.

1505hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center.

2050hrs. Lockout: Mary Morse.

2053hrs. Lockout: Mary Morse cancelled.

2118hrs. Lost and Found: ID turned in.

0149hrs.Maintenance Request: Broken window at Orchard Meadow

0547hrs. Alarm Response: Education


Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005

0635hrs. Maintenance Request: Stern #6.

0750hrs. Maintenance Request: Sage Hall lock broken on window.

0826hrs. Alarm Response: Elementary School

1116hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1334hrs. Maintenance Request: Faculty Village

1705hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1819hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1907hrs. Security Check Request: Faculty Village

1915hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

2234hrs. Unsecured Door: Window found open at Education Center

2323hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center

0223hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center

0353hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney


Friday, Nov. 11, 2005

0907hrs. Staff reports a small fire at ceramic building. Facilities contacted.

1507hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1759hrs. Hit and Run reported on campus.

2059hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

0505hrs. Faculty Village resident reports hearing unknown voices outside residence, request security check.


Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005

0841hrs. Maintenance Request: Mills Hall door not locking properly

1609hrs. Student reports receiving an obscene phone call at Mary Morse.

1951hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

0020hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall

0203hrs. Unsecured door: Staff member reports finding an unsecured at Rothwell.


Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005

0746hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney Basement door.

1037hrs. Lockout: Mills Hall.

1041hrs. Maintenance Request: Kimball House

1247hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1340hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1359hrs. Medical Assist: CPM

1539hrs. Lost and Found: Cell phone picked up.

1659hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney

1808hrs. Lockout: Mary Morse

1833hrs. Missing Person(s): Staff reports student missing from classroom.

1926hrs. Auto Assist: Lisser

2100hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney


Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005

0750hrs. Lockout: Underwood Apts.

1145hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall

1317hrs. AAA on-site for disabled auto.

1320hrs. Maintenance Request: Graduate lounge door not opening properly.

1623hrs. Lost and Found: cell phone turned in.

1720hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1820hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney lobby entrance.

2321hrs. Maintenance Request: Staff reports three light out at Rothwell.

0024hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.


Monday, Nov. 7, 2005

0612hrs. Unsecured door: Staff reports unsecured door at Music Building

0634hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex.

0819hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal at Education Complex

1152hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1208hrs. Injury Accident: Tree branch fell and injured student at Music bldg.

1256hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney lobby entrance.

1435hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1755hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney lobby entrance.

1870hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney lobby entrance.

0105hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center

0331hrs. Alarm Response: Aquatic Center


Sunday, Nov. 6, 2005

0743hrs. Alarm Response: Staff reports alarm sounding in students‹¨« room.

0905hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center

0948hrs. Unsecured door: Door found open at Carnegie

1034hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center

1622hrs. Lockout: Warren Olney

1650hrs: Maintenance Request: Student dropped keys down the elevator shaft at Warren Olney

1808hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex

1829hrs. Lockout: Orchard Meadow

2038hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex

0456hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.


Saturday, Nov 5, 2005

1130hrs. Maintenance Request: Orchard Meadow door lock not functioning properly

1317hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex

1621hrs. Lock-out: Faculty Village

1806hrs. Alarm Response: Ege Hall door alarm

1826hrs. Incident: Report of children climbing trailer at construction site, hazard.

2032hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex

2034hrs. Resident Assistant check in.

0351hrs. Alarm Response: Education Complex


Friday, Nov. 4, 2005

0851hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal Education Complex

0858hrs. Alarm Response: Trouble signal Warren Olney basement

1030hrs. Oakland Police Department on-site for incident report.

1109hrs. Auto assist: vehicle jump at Vera Long

1144hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement

1249hrs. Maintenance Request: hole in the wall, women's restroom, Rothwell

1340hrs. Maintenance Request: fence broken at Alumnae House.

1411hrs. Lockout: Ege Hall

1501hrs. Lockout: Mills Hall

1549hrs. Auto assist: Vehicle jump at Orchard Meadow

1609hrs. Lock-up: Ege Hall student room keys missing.

1755hrs. Lockout: Ege Hall

2151hrs. Alarm Response: Carnegie Hall


Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005

0811hrs. Unsecured door(s): Education Center staff reports finding doors unsecured.

0951hrs. Maintenance Request: Water leaking from 2nd floor at Warren Olney

1514hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1902hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

2121hrs. Lockout: Carnegie Hall

2348hrs. Incident: Staff reports an attempted theft at Education Complex


Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005

1256hrs. Theft: Student reports her backpack was stolen.

1429hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1820hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement.

2039hrs. Maintenance Request: Water leak reported in Warren Olney Computer room. Backed up plumbing 3A Warren Olney

2147hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement

2157hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney 2nd Floor

2159hrs. Alarm Response: Education Center, trouble signal.


Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2005

0554hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney basement door.

1915hrs. Alarm Response: Warren Olney dining room door.

1339hrs. AllGuard Alarm technician on-site working at Warren Olney

1600hrs. Comfort Dynamics Contractor working on campus.

2044hrs. Oakland Police Department on-campus. Suspect from car stop possibly on campus grounds. Officers conducted patrol of grounds.


Public Safety requests the following information when filing a report:








Facial Hair

Hat (color/type)





Hair, Length, Color, Style



Which direction did the suspect go?

How did he/she leave? By foot, car, bike,etc?




Approximate Year

Physical characteristics about vehicle: dents, broken lights, no tags, etc.

Other occupants