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New mail and copy center replaces UPS on campus

The newly rennovated mail and copy center is now open (Heather McDaniel).
The newly rennovated mail and copy center is now open (Heather McDaniel).

During the summer, the former Mail and Copy center at Mills became an official post office, assuming the title of United States Postal Service Commercial Mail Receiving Agent. It moved from its previous home in Sage Hall to replace the original US Postal Service location in Rothwell Center. It is currently open for business.

The previous Mail and Copy center was a Mills College-run hub used to receive larger packages as well as for copying, faxing and within-campus mailing. Now the US Postal Office at Rothwell handles the responsibilities of the old Mail and Copy center while providing students their mail in the same place.

After officially opening on Aug. 4, 2010, the new campus post office found itself backed up with two months worth of mail, according to Raymond Chow, a Mail and Copy Center clerk.

Now that the rebuffed post office has been faced with its first influx of students, the staff noticed most students shared the same confusion.

“A lot of students question how to address things” said Chow.

The new address format includes both the Private Mail Box (PMB) number and the address of Mills College:

PMB number
5000 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94613

Besides mailing letters and packages, students are also able to purchase stamps, make copies and use the fax machine.