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Music, film and television shows to help you kickstart your semester

Let’s face it, coming back to school after a long winter break can be kind of a drag. Here are some suggested music, movies and television shows about school to help you get back into the swing of things.

“I Woke Up Today” by Port O’Brien:
A catchy upbeat song by a San Francisco band to start your day.
“Campus” by Vampire Weekend: Not my favorite band in the world, but what college playlist is complete without something from these former Columbia University students?
“Late For School” by Ponytail: The title says it all, literally. Four minutes and 16 seconds of shrill vocals and experimental sounds. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
“Expectations” by Belle and Sebastian:
Forget the fact that this song was featured on the Juno soundtrack, it’s still good.
“School Spirit” by Kanye West: Perhaps Kanye West isn’t the best example of school spirit, but this song is catchy.

Election (1999): Arguably Reese Witherspoon’s finest role.
Rushmore (1998): Maybe you wont be inspired to excel academically, but you might feel the urge to write a hit play.
Mona Lisa Smile (2003): What could be more appropriate than a movie about women at a women’s college?

Greek (2007)
For those who feel like they missed out on sorority life, here is your chance to live vicariously through a cast of characters caught up in parties, love triangles and maybe even school.
Community (2009)
Transfer students can probably relate to this hit new show.
Undeclared (2001)
A Judd Apatow show about the trials and tribulations of co-ed dorm life that sadly only lasted one season.