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Mills organizes for peace

Organizing Mills (OM) is continuing to galvanize a peace movement on campus in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The organization held its second meeting Monday in front of the teashop steps, where they have set up a semi-permanent education table piled high with leaflets and information packets. The table, where several OM members are stationed almost every day during the lunch hours, has become one of the focal points of the Mills peace movement.

OM has started four committees, which include media, global watch, education and outreach.

OM is currently planning a host of peace rallies and meetings, including a thank-you demonstration for Mills Alumna and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who was the only member of congress to vote no on a measure which pumped billions of dollars into the military budget in preparation for war. Although the details of the thank-you demonstration are not yet available, the group has decided that a community outreach and voter registration effort in the surrounding Oakland community will follow.

In response to heightened security around the nation following the events of Sept. 11, the Mills College Public Safety department has implemented several changes that it hopes will improve campus security.

According to an email sent out by Director of Public Safety Steven King, traffic entering campus at the front gate will be restricted to one lane. Public safety officers stationed at the front gate will be checking all incoming vehicles for parking permits or guest passes 24 hours a day.

The department of Public Safety has also hired a new administrative assistant who will answer phone calls during the day, relieving public safety officers of the duty. Students may call 430-2124 to request public safety services such as rides back to dorm rooms after dark or to report suspicious activities.