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Mills drivers, lose the attitude!

So, as all of us that drive on campus, or have read the parking
article in The Weekly know, we have a parking problem on
campus. That problem being, there are too many cars and not enough
spaces to accommodate them. This problem is not exclusive to Mills,
in fact most college campuses face the same problem on an ongoing
basis. The schools sell more permits than spaces, and count on the
fact that not everyone will be here at the same time. While this is
a logical thought process, it does not discount the fact that we
have a problem, and one that needs desperately to be addressed.

Surprising as you may find this however, I am not writing to
argue the parking dilemma one way or another. I am writing to say
that in acknowledging that we all have to deal with this problem
for the time being, a little common courtesy and respect seems to
be in order.

Last week, I was looking for parking at Orchard Meadow, where I
live. I circled the lot and found no available spaces. There were
two men standing in the lot in front of their cars having a

I thought that they may be getting ready to leave, so I drove up
next to them and politely asked, “Excuse me gentlemen, are you
leaving anytime soon?” They responded “yes”, so I backed my car up
and waited. I then heard one of them say snidely, “We didn’t say we
were leaving now.” So I replied “Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not
leaving?” One of the men glared at me as he walked toward his car
and said, “I guess I am…now.”

They left and I parked my car. So what’s the big deal? First
off, these guys were parked in a residential lot, WHERE THEY DON’T
LIVE. Only one man lives in my building and I know him. Secondly,
WHAT’S WITH ALL THE ATTITUDE? I didn’t drive up demanding that they
leave before calling Public Safety, which I had every right to do
since they are not residents. I didn’t DEMAND anything from them. I
simply asked a legitimate question in a non-confrontational

I wonder if these individuals park in other people’s driveways
or private parking stalls when they can’t find parking on a city
street. Probably not. My advice, treat residential lots on campus
the same way. If your going to park there regardless, be prepared
to be asked to move and don’t have an attitude about it.