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Mills doean’t prepare students

I went to college for two reasons: to get a well paying job and learn how to write. Lately I have been left in the lurch with one of those dreams. Where is my well paying job?

A college degree is supposed to take you places, make way for bigger and better things, but all I have gotten is “we will call you” and “you are overqualified for this position.” Where did it all go wrong?

I am left with one question: Is it my education or the economy? My money is not riding on the economy.

There are plenty of jobs out there, but I am left wondering why I spent more than $40,000 on an education that was supposed to get me somewhere, but has only gotten me to the unemployment line. I am not the only one asking this question.

Many women who have graduated in the past three years are also asking “Can you ask for a refund?”

I feel bad saying it but right now no one is looking at the bachelor’s degree on my resume and saying we are going to hire her because she graduated from Mills.

“Mills is a highly respected college,” my mother told me when she encouraged me to apply. I did and was educated by wonderful professors, (who should be getting paid much more) for four long years. I also left a salaried position at a company I loved for a slew of part-time jobs that were meaningless.

Sure there is a career center at Mills, but I don’t think that having a student sit down in front of a computer and showing them how to use the Internet counts as job placement.

And internships are wonderful for those who do not have to pay Bay Area rent. Get real Mills, wake up and prepare your students for the job letdown.

Though many are lucky and find their break, most of us grads are left checking the paper each day and cold calling companies that we have dreamed about working for, only to be told that we can be a receptionists or office clerks and work our way up.

To those graduating in December, a piece of advice, start looking for a job now. Things do not just fall into your lap like you wish they would.