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Mills and SF Quartet

Photo by Lola Skipper

The Mills Performing Group teamed up with Quartet San Francisco to give an evening of eclectic, moody classical program which showcased some of Mills' and the Bay area's finest musicians, on April 8 in the Concert Hall.

Overall, the performances by both groups were well received by the large audience comprised of alumnae, students, friends of the performers and others from the surrounding communities. Although the theatre was not packed, many turned up for the performance and thunderously applauded after each piece.

There were four main pieces in the concert. Mills College's own Steed Cowart composed the first piece, "Zephyr," performed by David Abel on viola. The word 'zephyr' – meaning gentle breeze – inspired Cowart to construct a piece that drifted with sound like a breeze. Mills music professor Fred Firth composed "Save As," the next piece. Joan Jeanrenaud on cello and William Winant on percussion performed this technologically inspired piece. Chris Brown on piano, Fred Frith on electric guitar, Jeanrenaud on cello and William Winant on percussion gathered together to perform "Four6," composed by John Cage, before Quartet San Francisco hit the stage.

Emily Onderdonk on viola, Joel Cohen on cello, and Jeremy Cohen and Kayo Miki on violins made up the well received Quartet San Francisco, who performed "String Quartet No. 15 in a minor," Op. 132, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.