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Mills adds eleven new clubs to the roster

Mills College welcomes eleven new student clubs to this year’s
roster. The Anime Wenches, Bodies of Love and Diversity, and the
Mills College Boardriders are among the new additions.

The Anime Wenches will be meeting to view and discuss any
variety of Japanese animation, as well as Japanese culture.
President Amanda Glasser said the group’s 12 members plan “to view
and discuss as much anime as we can,” hopefully bringing in some
varieties members haven’t yet seen.

Bodies of Love and Diversity is another new group, which
concerns itself with encouraging healthier body images among women
of all ages. The women plan on coordinating a National Eating
Disorder Awareness Week on campus.

The Mills College Boardriders is a group dedicated to the
promotion of women in board sports, surf, skate, or snow. President
Marika Smith said she hopes her group can provide a safe
environment for women to explore these traditionally male sports.
The group is planning field trips, competitions, and fundraising
for the Surfriders Foundation, an environmental non-profit

Other new clubs include the Cooking Club and the Other Cooking
Club, the Vagina Friendly Club, Lambda Sigma Psi Frarority, Marion
Ross House, the Mylls Women Collective, Phi Alpha Delta, and the
Philosophy Club.

Rounding out the student organizations for this semester are 21
clubs returning from last year, the four class boards (freshwoman
through senior), and four literary publications, the Crest, the
Weekly, the Walrus, and the Womanist.

“The ASMC has attempted to simplify the process [of
registration] and equally distribute funds among the clubs,” said
Liza Kuney, Director of Student Activities. Registering by the
deadline ensures that the club will be included in the semester’s
budget figures, but “students can still create clubs throughout the
year” as well as request additional funding from the ASMC. Clubs
can also roll over funds to the following academic year, if certain
conditions are met, Kuney said.

To register, members of a potential club need to elect member to
three key positions: President, Treasurer, and Publicity Chair;
have a constitution on file; submit budget information and attend