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Mills volleyball lose game, but are not defeated

The Mills Cyclones prepare on the court for a set against UC Santa Cruz. (Monika Sabic)
The Mills Cyclones prepare on the court for a set against UC Santa Cruz. (Monika Sabic)

Cyclone spirit swept through Haas Pavilion on Wednesday, Oct. 29.  The Cyclones entered the court ready to play their hearts out against UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), but it wasn’t enough to win the volleyball game.  Though they lost 0-3 matches against UCSC, the volleyball team gave their best. Despite the changes in the new starting line up by bringing in back ups, the team continued to make great hits and diving saves.

Outside Emma Rigby scored a totally of 8 points, making her the lead scorer for the Cyclones. The consistent communication and spirit helped the team go after every shot that came their way. The Cyclones seemed intimidated by UCSC’s solid line up, as they continued to make well-organized sets and hits.

“Overall, tonight we played really scrappy, and it showed,” said sophomore setter Kate Smith. “It was nice to watch long rallies and show our effort that we have been putting in practice.

Coach Loke Davis made sure that her team entered the court feeling dominant.

“This is our house, this is our home,” Davis said. “We need to act like we own the place”. 

During Match One, the  Cyclones took Davis’ advice and started off strong by scoring the first five points of the game. The crowd held its breath as the team continued making long rallies with the ball; becoming solid competition for UC Santa Cruz.

“I think we came out here really strong,” Davis said. “I think that is a feeling that the whole team had and what motivates them.”

Mills lost some momentum during the second and third matches when UCSC subbed in middle blocker Sandra Gutierrez. Her strong demeanor  and solid defense on the net was a turning point in the game.

“I think for the second and third sets, we lost a little of that mindset. I think what we are working on in the future is keeping that mindset,” Davis said.

The Cyclones still held their group by continuing to put effort into their strong serves and rallies. Middle blocker Miranda Crothers made multiple impressive saves in match two that helped keep the Cyclones in the game.

The team said they were looking forward to hearing Davis’ critiques about the game.

“There are always places to improve,” Smith said. “We need to remember to not give up.”