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Mills senior finds passion in travel, music, psychology

Molly Shapiro has a passion for travel, music and psychology. She hopes to mix her love of music and psychology after graduation by offering children and teenagers music therapy. (Ruby Woods)

Molly Shapiro, 21, has led an exciting life so far, traveling to exotic locations such as the Caribbean and Israel, and will soon journey to China following her graduation in the spring.

Originally born in Los Angeles, Shapiro lived in the Caribbean for four years. Her mother worked in the hotel business and was transferred to Nevis, part of the Leeward Islands chain in the West Indies. Shapiro was very young at the time, and her main concern was when she would go to the beach. When not at Mills, Shapiro lives in Orange County.

For her first year of college, Shapiro studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. After two years at Saddleback Community College in Orange County, Shapiro transferred to Mills.

Shapiro was drawn to Mills because of the small class sizes.

“The campus sucks you in, in a good way, with such nice and warm faces around campus and all of the possibilities for my future that Mills provided.  There were so many things that I could become involved in that I just fell in love with Mills,” she said. “I wouldn’t have heard about Mills had it not been for my community college, so I truly appreciate studying two years at a junior college to eventually find my way to Mills.”

Now a senior preparing to graduate in the spring, Shapiro is majoring in Psychology and Music and hopes to combine her two interests, possibly in the form of music therapy.

“I want to provide children and teens with a healthy and fun educational and social environment,” Shapiro said.  “I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure it out.”

Her professors praised Shapiro’s dedication to her schoolwork and her future beyond Mills.

“Molly is a determined young lady.  She transferred to Mills last year and already knew that she would like to major in Psychology and Music.  She has done very well in my Human Memory class and is always a joy to talk to,” said Christie Chung, a professor of psychology.

In keeping with the life of travel that she has led so far, Shapiro is planning a trip to China following graduation.

Shapiro is optimistic about her future.

“This last year should sum up what I want to do and help me on a journey to find a career,” she said.