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Mills releases updated version of student handbook

A part of the Mills student handbook cover.

Mills College has rewritten several of its policies in the student handbook, include language permitting certain kinds of medical marijuana use on campus. You can download it here or take a look at the updated version in the PDF slideshow below!

Enacted on March 7, the new policy still prohibits smoking medical marijuana in the dorms and on campus, due to the college’s non-smoking rule. Students who have medical marijuana prescriptions, however, are able to get permission from the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities to consume medical marijuana edibles on campus. Those who still wish to smoke their medical marijuana prescriptions must do so off campus, according to the newly written handbook. (Page 35 and 36)

The handbook has also been revised to allow certain “open flames” in dorms for religious celebrations. In order to take advantage of this change, students must get approval from the Director of Spiritual and Religious Life, Laura Engelken, and her Resident Director. (Page 36)

The other changes including clarifying language about how long guests can stay with residential students (Page 39) and procedures for registering and caring for service animals at Mills. (Page 36 and 37)