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Mills print system to go green

This year, Mills is implementing a pay-for-print system called GoPrint. The new policy was developed as a result of the college’s commitment to being a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly school, according to the GoPrint FAQ webpage.

GoPrint will tally student printing from network computers, subtracting each print job from the student’s balance, which starts at $25, or 500 pages, at the beginning of each semester. When students print from within the Mills network, a new GoPrint window pops up, asking for the student’s Mills username and password. After logging in, students will be able to print their documents and see their remaining balance.

While the tracking of print jobs begins this semester, the $25 charge for additional printing allowances will not be implemented until January 2014. This means that students will not be charged for what they print this semester, but they will need to visit the help desk in Stern (room 21) to request additional printing capabilities if they surpass their 500 pages.

Students should be aware that any printing done during the summer session or winter break will be included in the subsequent semester’s print tallies.

Printing credits will not roll over from one semester to the next: your initial allowance of free printing for GoPrint will expire when the semester ends, regardless of whether you still have pages available. But money that is added to students’ GoPrint accounts will roll over as long as you are still enrolled as a student, according to the GoPrint FAQ webpage.

When students are required to print multiple copies of assignments for class, such as for a workshop, Mills recommends that students print one copy of the assignment and go to the Mail and Copy Center in Rothwell or coin operated copy machines in the library to make additional copies.

For more information, search GoPrint on the Mills website.